LiNKPRO is a Microsoft OutlookTM Enhancement package that allows for maximum functionality and total control. It is designed to work within Outlook ensuring user friendliness. No third party software needs to be opened or used which minimizes the training required for new users.

On one single page you will be able to see the contact person, company details, documents sent and received, emails sent and received, appointments, orders, equipment(stock) used, Jobs in progress and more – in short, everything that has to do with that contact / company / job, etc – Your new OutlookTM desktop!

Acura had designed customized LiNKPRO Software for the following industries:

  • Attorneys
  • Property Developers
  • Palette Management
  • Events and Entertainment Industry

Each Software system has been customized for optimal usage and report generation for the specific industry.  Contact us for further information with regards to the system for your industry or for a customized software solution to suit your needs.

Please see below information on LiNKPRO Events:

Please contact us for a full presentation or a demonstration at your offices.


Securing and Linking E-Mail
Depending on setup parameters, LiNKPRO can immediately secure all incoming and outgoing E-Mail in the SQL Database or File System. E-Mails can be linked to Contacts, Companies, Matters, etc. based on recipient E-Mail Addresses. Contacts and Companies can be created automatically in the respective folders and linked to the E-Mails.

When LiNKPRO is started for the first time, the user is prompted to Secure / Link existing E-Mail in the mailbox. The user can also opt to import ALL E-Mail, or only E-Mail received / sent from a specific date. LiNKPRO can import data from a variety of sources which include Outlook / Exchange folders, the File System as well as properly formatted Excel Workbooks. With a small amount of configuration, LiNKPRO can also import data from other SQL data sources. When importing Contacts, Companies can be automatically created if a Company Name is available. LiNKPRO supports creating of Contacts directly from VCards (vcf files) and E-Mail Recipients.

E-Mails, Contacts, Companies, etc. can be located quickly and easily via several different methods.
• Quick Search on the Main Explorer / Ribbon.
• Filtering and Filter by Contents on any folder.
• Any item can be opened directly from the Links drop down of a Mail, Journal etc.

Note: Any E-Mail flagged as Private, Personal or Confidential will not automatically be secured in the database. This can be done if specifically required.

Any Contact, Company, User etc. can quickly be accessed via the Links Dropdown available on all E-Mail, Journals, Tasks, etc. without having to go via the normal folder view.

Contacts, Companies, etc. can also be added to your “Favorites” list. One click is all that is required to access any of your Contacts.

All Views on folders are created in SQL as standard SQL Views. This mechanism allows SQL Admins to create highly complex views which could even expose data via 3rd party databases. E.g. Show the “Account Balance” for each Company in the view where the value is retrieved from an Accounting System.

Parameterized Stored Procedures could also be used in folder views. Depending on the parameters, users would be prompted to type the appropriate value. E.g. a view which shows only Contacts where the Country is South Africa. Multiple parameters can be used for further filtering. Editing of single / multiple items directly from views is possible.

Standard Outlook functionality like New E-Mail, Reply, Reply ALL, Forward etc. available on all views as required. Linking to “Favorites” and “Link Folders” available directly from the view. This means you can link items to Contacts etc. without having to open the item first. Also allows to linking of multiple items to Contacts etc.
Can create New Linked Word Document to Contact, Company etc. directly from the View.

LiNKPRO uses custom Outlook Forms. This means that it is highly flexible in regards customization. Forms can easily be changed without a complete program update.
Look and Feel 2007/2010
Look and Feel 2003

Custom E-Mail templates can easily be inserted into a new Mail.
Custom Word Templates can also be used with Contact items for Word Mail Merge etc.

Mail Merge
LiNKPRO adheres to the rules for standard Outlook Mail Merge. Word Mail Merge also available. Templates can easily be created for various scenarios. For bulk Mail Merge, an SMTP provider is available.

An unlimited number of folders can be created. LiNKPRO will automatically create the corresponding tables in the SQL Database. Default views for the folder will also be created. These views can be modified as per requirements. Any number of custom Views can also be created for any folder.

As with standard Outlook, LiNKPRO allows you to flag a Contact item as “Private”. This Contact will then only be visible to you. By default, E-Mail will only be visible to the Recipients/Sender. It another user requires access to the mail, then they need to be linked to the mail. This process can be tailored to Teams, Groups, etc. If the status of an existing E-Mail is changed to “Private”, this E-Mail will be removed from LiNKPRO. A prompt to this effect will be shown.

Document Management
Documents in LiNKPRO are handled similarly to the way Outlook stores documents in folders. A document can be copied into the documents folder or a shortcut can be created to the document on the file system. Whenever a document is updated, LiNKPRO automatically creates a time stamped backup copy. In the case where a linked document is lost or accidently deleted, LiNKPRO will check for a backup copy and prompt the user accordingly.

Any document can easily be forwarded to an E-Mail Recipient. Simply right-click and “Forward Attachment”. “Forward as PDF Attachment” also available.

Documents can be converted to PDF when attaching to an E-Mail which maintains document security. This can be done automatically or via prompting.

Auto Archiving as per the ECT Act and King 2 report, ensuring email compliance according to legislation. A Full Audit Trail ensures the inability to tamper or delete emails and attachments thus giving your mail evidential qualities.

Deleted items can be recovered in their entirety with original date and time stamps by the simple click of a button. Items can only be permanently deleted if the user has the required permissions. A view of Deleted Items is available for each folder. Administrator access is required. Note: if any item is deleted from the View / Table / Folder, it is never deleted on the File System.

Project Sharing
Exclusive sharing of projects between selected users. Allows for instant access to companies, contacts, files, documents, faxes and emails, orders, stock, etc. Managing business risk and Data Leak Prevention (DLP) more appropriately.

Standard Reports – LiNKPRO allows you to Print the contents of each folder as it appears in the view. Because of the architecture of the Views, this allows the user to define their own reports with ease.

LiNKPRO also allows to the user (with the required permissions) to Export any View directly to Excel. The raw data can also be exported which may then be used to create graphs etc. Reports such as Business versus Private (Junk) mail, Bandwidth usage are also available. Custom Reports can be created on request.

LiNKPRO makes use of standard Outlook Categories for all items. Views can be sorted and grouped according to these Categories.

E-Mail via fax can easily be identified and flagged. These faxes are then visible in their own view. Standard E-Mail rules (forward, reply, etc.) apply.

Individual items in the views can be displayed in different colours / fonts etc. based on custom field values. E.g. E-Mail which have a Status of “Unallocated” can be displayed in Red, while E-Mail with a Status of “Complete” can be displayed in Green. This applies to all folders.

LiNKPRO makes use of Admin Rights for all Settings and Security.

Building teamwork among partners.

LiNKPRO makes use of Images for Products etc.

Editing in Cell
LiNKPRO allows the user to edit in Cell for easy use and editing.

Social Network / Internet
LiNKPRO makes use of Facebook and can import data from Facebook.

Internet(Google search)
LiNKPRO can Google search any item in cell on the click of a button.

Cost recovery of emails and electronic documents sent and received. Detailed reports can be generated.